How To Crack IES 2019 Without Coaching

By | April 13, 2019

Tips & tricks to crack IES 2019 exam without coaching are now available here. Interested candidates can check out all procedure, timetable to crack IES 2019 exam without coaching. Today there are many join coaching centers, but few of them not join best coaching institutes for IES due to many reasons. Nowadays, it is possible to crack IES 2019 exam and prepare for crack IES 2019 exam without coaching.

Crack IES 2019 Without Coaching

The students, who don’t have enough guidance, they may be facing different disadvantages and challenges. Most of the candidates don’t know how to manage stipulated time, materials to study, books to study as well as don’t know the IES syllabus. To avoid this entire problem, you need to start your preparations for crack IES 2019 exam as early and if possible start from the college time. Here some of the tips are given to the students, these helpful for the aspirants who are going to study on own.

IES Preparation Plan

  1. Make own Notes: -Usually, making notes of every topic are most important and you just want to do it. For instance, study studying is not enough and instead gets the classroom notes from the coaching institute or nearby coaching center. All coaching center offers classroom notes. When you don’t live in the main city, then make an effort to arrange for classroom notes and they are reference materials. You should use these reference materials, guides and sample paper to study.
  2. Always study Chapters: -In addition, study all the chapters from the textbooks. Once you study the chapters, then make the own notes in elaborately, but don’t copy the text from the book, it should be unique. Taking notes usually take effort and even it will be assessed further. The student also can attain the postal book and study materials of the institute, but you should use this for reference only. Always study from the textbooks this is a better way of understanding all the topics.
  3. Solve Sample Papers: -The sample papers are another important things in the preparation. If you complete studying the topic, then look at the sample papers to gauge subjects. Of course, don’t leave to solve the model question paper. Solve the question paper side by side.
  4. To crack IES 2019 exam without coaching, there are many sample questions are available at UPSC website, so according to the respective way download the question paper and this would be more sufficient.
  5. Take a Test Series: -These days, the students can get the sample papers online or from the coaching center, so make sure to visit once. The coaching center has the latest materials to crack IES 2019 exam. For the IES preparation, you need to join in the test series and do it very seriously. When you are getting more ranks in the IES exam without coaching, then you can get a better chance of getting IES officer post.
  6. Don’t Fear from failure: -These days, most of the students ignore to join in the test series due to the fear, failures, and performance. There are 2 ways to join the test that is offline and online. The offline test series are really good for the students, if not possible, then join for an offline test. Once the series is complete, make a clear and quick revision of sample questions to solve it.
  7. Learn from Mistakes: -You want to keep the records of daily mistakes and even make the notes in the separate dairy and also write down the steps how to solve the problem, future strategy, and criticism. The coaching institutes advise students to never forget the mistakes as well as repeat again. For the general ability and technical preparation, take a print out or download the IES syllabus and pattern and stick it on the study table or any other place, where you can watch it regularly this will always remember your goal and dream.
  8. Read Simple written Books: -To crack IES 2019 exam, don’t want to read the text from the foreign author, instead find out the local author, because the local author gives clear concepts and study materials. You also want to make sure to maintain the formula copy as well as notes copy. Additionally, students want to see their needs. The study materials come handy and useful for revising the subjects.
  9. Set your Goals: -You want to solve all your questions paper on topic wise and it will give the clear idea of the students expecting nature. The every question paper is needed to solve because these papers are mixed with hard and easy questions. In the meanwhile, try to improve your practice level, but never feel difficulty by hard questions. For the preparation set aside for two to four hours and even study all subjects seriously and this would use to obtain good grades.
  10. Focus on Preparation: -By learning all the subject, revise the previous year subjects paper too. Once students decide to prepare, make sure of every moment to achieve your dream. While preparing for crack IES 2019 exam, students might lose the sleep time or fun time, but don’t concentrate on them, focus on the preparation; this leads you to move towards the success and happiness.

Tips & Tricks to Crack IES Exam

Follow these Excellent Tips and tricks to crack UPSC IES exam. We hope that these tips will help you to crack UPSC IES Exam.

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